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Cheapest way going with the Off-Shoulder Fad

Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Hello Guys! Trust we're all doing great? As for me, God did a marvelous thing in my Life; I got a job and a new phone all in one week. Sorry I'm updating you guys late but like I always say follow me on snapchat (@Dupedupsey) to get detailed juice of my Life. 

Anyways moving on to the topic of today which is the cheapest way I got my own less than a #1000 off-shoulder top. You know I'm always about being careful in getting entangled with trends/fads, cause truth is not everything will fit you and you're not getting any richer that way (been preaching a lot these days, lol).

Moving on, I made this top from an old tank top and the pieces of an old Ankara material (perks of being portable you use less materials)...*flashing teeth*. 

That's the tank top I used and I just had my tailor attach the Ankara round it as a cape. It's a stretchy material so I can style it into an off-shoulder, tube, monostrap,  etc.. Thing is I actually did just one style with this since it's trendy. 

My tailor collected just #500 from me and that's cause I can't sew. But if you can; sure this shouldn't take more than an hour and you might only need an elastic band. 

This is Fashion On A Budget Guys!

So keep those extra materials handy, you never can tell when one might come in useful. 

For my hair I just weaved a part of my lace closure backwards and pinned it down.. 

I would rock this look anywhere unofficial.  Movies, girls date, etc... 

So that's all guys. Till next time Remember to keep a positive attitude in other to get Positive Results... 

TOP-       Tailored 
JEANS-    WoolsWorth 
BAG-        Atmosphere 
SLIPPERS- from @Pearlposhworld on IG

9 comments on "Cheapest way going with the Off-Shoulder Fad"
  1. Lovely. Just an innovative idea to stay stylish.
    My Style Look Book Series

    1. Exactly; one can't break the bank na.. If you must be trendy @least be innovative **wink**

  2. Wow. It looks so ready made and cute. I'm applauding you and I love your hair
    Laitanbee Blog

  3. Clapping hard.....great work

  4. Waaoowww. I was literally puzzled to read this.. Nice and though and good thinking or let me say creativity


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